Mark Feely- Britain’s “most notorious paedophile” now living in Birmingham.

Who is Mark Feely?

Mr Mark Feely aged 40, a convicted sex offender nicknamed “The nonce of the north” Originally from Rotherham.

Where is he living now?

Feely has moved all around the UK (at least 20 times) as part of a protection programme funded by UK Taxpayers, Feely currently lives in Birmingham, residing in shared housing.

East Birmingham locals have recorded Mark’s strange behaviour as he has been reportedly looking through residents windows among other abnormal activities.

Mark Feely accused of looking through locals windows.

The backlash from Birmingham locals 

There has been much backlash in the local community towards Mark Feely. Often resulting in assault. Since living in an East Birmingham shared house, Feely’s had his front windows smashed out.

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Openly admitting his sexual attraction to children, paedophile hunter groups have caught Mark several times. However, with the staggering evidence against him, the police won’t intervene with some speculating family relations with a police officer.

Mark Feely uses social networking apps

Feely remains active on social media platforms, one being “Tik Tok”. Feely goes live to hundreds of his followers. Some being children themselves who don’t fully understand just who he is.

Mark Feely
Feely on social App “Tick Tok”

Under the disguise of learning difficulties and mental health problems. Mark grooms underage children online.

One disturbing occurrence includes a video sent to a 14-year-old girl of Feely inserting a wooden spoon inside his anus. 

You can see a blurred out version here but viewer discretion is advised:


Why is Feely not locked up?

Never jailed but caught serval times by police, Mark moves between hotels and shared housing around the UK, paid for by taxpayers. 

Many petitions have been signed-in hope to take this predator off the streets and sectioned under the mental health act. So far this has proved ineffective  


what should be done in this case?

If you need any help with the matters discussed in this article, then you can find help here:


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