Council tax set to rise again to pay for policing.

The West midlands has seen years of council tax increases to pay for policing, while the force continues to fail with surging crime rates and record levels of emergency calls.

It comes after West Midlands police was awarded a funding rise of almaost £40 million for next year, the second biggest funding in the country outside the London Met police.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissionerq Mr Foster said he was committed to rebuilding community policing and said an increase in the budget had been "assumed" by the Government.

Mr Foster’s pledged to put 450 extra community police officers on the streets, making violence against women and girls a top priority and investment in youth services and support through schools to prevent knife crime.

"I would much rather that the Government had fully funded this increase, rather than effectively mandating it and transferring the burden onto local council taxpayers," he added.

"With rising costs and inflation, West Midlands Police’s budget remains under pressure.

Birmingham Significantly behind vaccine target.

It's announced that the NHS in Birmingham is 'significantly behind' its target for vaccinations in the city.

Dr Manir Aslam of the Black Country and West Birmingham CCG said that all practices were 'ramping up' their capacity for vaccines, with advice to 'reduce' the planned work to be done in practice in order to meet targets.

"For us to be able to deliver 100 per cent of the uptake we’d need to deliver something like 3,000 vaccines per day," he said.

"On Monday, following the advice, we got to around 800, so we’re significantly behind where we need to be. But we are ramping up capacity for vaccines, with advice to 'reduce' the planned work to be done in practice in order to meet targets.

Prison Tobacco selling for up to £1,000 per ounce.

The eye-wateringly expensive contraband in #HMP #WinsonGreen and other prisons has seen ever-more desperate smokers fight over tiny amounts of tobacco and rolling papers.

For generations tobacco was the main currency between inmates in prisons but new body scanners at jails are drastically cutting down the supply of contraband, sending prices through the roof.

A single sheet of Rizla can now be sold for £5 in prison while retailing in shops at 59p for a pack of 50. One prisoner even demanded £4 for a strike of a single match. Rolling tobacco costs £12.50 in Tesco but is worth more than £1,000 in prisons serving the region such as Featherstone, Brinsford and Oakwood near Wolverhampton.

The Prison Service did not dispute the figures and confirmed expensive contraband items cause strife between prisoners.

A Prison Service spokesman said: "Our security measures are making it harder than ever for gangs to smuggle contraband into prisons. We are investing a further £100 million in gate security and X-ray body scanners to clamp down even more on the items which fuel violence behind bars."

A recently released prisoner from Smethwick, who did not want to be named: "I've done time in Featherstone and Winson Green recently after keeping out of jail for a few years and I could not believe the price of tobacco in there

Woman who shouted racist abuse and spat at bouncer jailed for 14 weeks.

Sharna Walker, 25, was sentenced at Birmingham Magistrates Court today after shouting racist abuse and spitting at Tristan Price, 26, while she was on a night out in the Midlands city earlier this year.

The incident happened when the bouncer asked Walker to leave Wetherspoon’s Figure of Eight pub in Birmingham on May 22.

Walker, of Worcester, flew into a rage and started screaming racist abuse and pushed the doorman.

In the days after the incident, the video was widely shared on social media leading to Walker’s subsequent arrest.

On Monday, she was jailed after pleading guilty earlier this year to racially aggravated common assault and criminal damage.

She was ordered to pay Mr Price – who withdrew his support for the prosecution and did not attend court – £500 compensation.

Walker was banned from going into the Figure of Eight for two years unless the landlord gives her express permission.

During the hearing, District Judge John Bristow told Walker: ‘This was a prolonged assault and you used a door against Mr Price shoulder. The incident has stayed with Mr Price and he has had to seek help.’

He said spitting deliberately at Mr Price was ‘disgusting’ and the ‘abhorrent language’ used has ‘no place in the UK.’

He added: ‘I have no doubt the footage caused serious distress throughout Birmingham.

‘You are a risk to the public; the appropriate punishment is immediate custody. This conduct was serious only immediate custody is justified.

‘I am sending you to prison to 14 weeks. I have reduced your sentence because of your plea.’

Ms Walker pushed tables as she exited the venue causing damage. As she got to the door, she smashed the glass and hinges.

‘Ms Walker was stood near the door shouting you “fing n” and “black c*” and stepped towards Mr Price.

‘Mr Price went back inside. Ms Walker slammed the door into him. Mr Price came back outside the door and Ms Walker spat at Mr Price landing on his feet and hands. Ms Walker shoved the door and hit Mr Price’s shoulder.’

Yahya Sharif ️ Teenager named after losing his life in knife attack, small heath

R.i.P Yahya Sharif ️ Teenager named after losing his life in knife attack, small heath last Friday . Thoughts go out to friends & family. 爐 Only 18 years old 

His family said he was an "energetic" teenager who dreamed of becoming a digital marketing specialist.

They added: "The whole community are shocked.

"We still don't know the reason he was killed."

How can we help stop knife crime?

Child killer Emma Tustin on Suicide watch

Emma Tustin's former 'pad mate' Elaine Pritchard claimed she booted her out of her cell at her one-time residence in HMP Eastwood Park, in Gloucestershire, after she discovered the horrific number of bruises found on Arthur's body.

Inmates tormented Tustin by throwing salt at her during her trial amid the accusation she poisoned the boy with it - a crime she was ultimately convicted of.

Reports followed that her food also been laced with the kitchen condiment by inmates - just as Arthur's meals were before his death.

Cowardly Tustin, who refused to come into court to be sentenced to life with a minimum term of 29 years last week, has already mentally deteriorated in prison.

Her barrister Mary Prior QC, told the hearing at Coventry Crown Court that she had been 'subjected to bullying and threats of violence'.

She also confirmed Tustin had made two attempts on her own life and would remain a high suicide risk.

Her former lover, Arthur's father Thomas Hughes, 29, is also likely to find life tough in jail after he was jailed for 21 years for the boy's manslaughter. Earlier this week there were online reports, denied by officials, that he had been seriously assaulted by an inmate.

Cells painted pink, pedometers for overweight inmates and televisions for everyone - this is life at the private city prison where child killer Emma Tustin is starting her near three-decade jail sentence.